Good Hair Day

Day 345

Drawing under ten minutes, ready, set, GO! 

Half Day

Day 346

Today I had a half day of work. More me time = more work time. I always make projects for myself instead of just relaxing. I made a succulent bird cage garden (it’s pretty awesome). I think this sketch sums up my mood, kind of hectic but organized. 

Baby Succulents

Day 347

I’ve always wanted a succulent so today I went out and bought a baby one! I can’t wait to learn more about them. Today was a simple day, just marker and paper.

Fill Up My Cup

Day 348

Fill up my cup… with water! I’ve been seeing all kinds of flavored waters lately so I thought I’d give it a try. I made a strawberry raspberry lemon water. One word, delicious. The cool thing about using the frozen fruit is that you can keep filling your glass with water and you still have the great flavors!

Just Married

Day 350 & 349 

So… It has been a busy weekend. I feel bad that I haven’t posted my work on the actual day I made the work, but to make up for it I have been keeping my progress on Instagram as well. This weekend was the wedding of my good college friend Clinton and his wife Jenn. I wanted to do something very special, I decided to make a handmade card. To start I had to sketch my idea. This project was cut paper which I’ve never done before. I wasn’t expecting it to take as long as it did so I expanded it to two days.

I guess this is my first struggle with the 365 day blog. How do I incorporate larger projects into the daily blog if the projects are a little more labor intensive? I figured as long as I can honestly say I did something creative that day (other than at my job), and I document my progress it still counts! Give me a break here, most people don’t spend 4+ hours making a handmade card for a wedding. ;)

Banana Peanut Butter Fluff Smoothie

Day 351

Today I tried a drawing under ten minutes. This is what came of it. Before drawing I got some sweet inspiration, a banana peanut butter fluff smoothie (yummmmmmm). I’m trying really hard not to be a perfectionist and let myself be vulnerable by showing work that isn’t completely polished or doctored in the computer. It’s a strange feeling because I look back on the drawing thinking, “The perspective isn’t right” or “You can tell I messed up, I could do so much better”. No one creates the final product perfectly the first time. I have to remember that my initial ideas and concepts are what’s important, the perfection will come later.


Day 352

Lollapalooza - an extraordinary thing, person, or event.

Today I found my grid sketch book so I decided to try some lettering. I also got a new pen (finally). Which makes things a lot less difficult. I need to learn how to steady my hand. Are these lefty problems or is it just me?

First State - Delaware

Day 353

Hi friends! Today I started a project that’s been in the back of my mind for quite some time now. I wanted to create badges for all 50 states. At first I thought, I can do iconic monuments or locations. Once I started researching I realized each state has its own animal, plant, tree, etc. and (in my opinion) wildlife is so much more awesome than buildings. So I decided I want to make 50 badges featuring each state’s date of statehood, wildlife and motto. I will be going in order starting with Delaware and ending with Hawaii. Delaware is the first state and it’s wild life animal is the grey fox! Can’t wait to continue this series!

Red Panda

Day 354

I decided that I miss drawing cute little animals! So here is a red panda. He’s cute.

Space Girl

Day 355

I love Lush. Every Sunday night I take a bath with one of Lush’s luxurious bath products. I’ve always wanted to try Space Girl! I would love my bath water to be purple and sparkly! Well anyways, here is a poorly drawn bath bomb and some lettering. (Bath bombs are a lot harder to draw then what I imagined!)